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Reverse Starbucks Experiment: We pay you $20 to drink coffee

We are looking for both coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers to participate in an experiment on the physiological and psychological effects of coffee. The experiment is essentially risk-free and takes about 1.5 hours on each of two days. You must agree to participate in both days. During the two sessions of the experiment you will drink a cup of coffee, either caffeinated of decaffeinated, and watch a video. We will record your blood pressure and heart rate and measure saliva output during the course of the experiment. Every participant who completes both sessions will be paid $20.

In order to be considered for this experiment, click this link and fill out the brief survey:

Paul H. Schulman
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
SUNY Institute of Technology
100 Seymour Rd.
Utica, NY  13502

Phone:  315.792.7435
e-mail: or

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