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Provost's Lecture Series

Please join us on 14 December from noon-2p in Donovan Hall, Rm G152 to hear Dr. Ibrahim Yucel present his lecture in the Provost's Lecture Series entitled Gamification. (Refreshments will be served.)

Abstract - The Game 2.0 Revolution: The innovation that powered the Web 2.0 was placing easy to use tools in the hands of those using the internet, allowing a wave of content and creativity to spread among the web. Now game developers are releasing the tools of development to the masses, enabling the creation of games by a new and growing indie community. Gamification is the use of these tools outside the traditional industry, making the everyday more like a video game. This is the Game 2.0 revolution, where everyone can make games that engage, teach, and entertain.

 Dr. Yucel, Assistant Professor of Communications, Humanities and Technology,  is a scholar of New Media, Digital Culture and Online Communities.  His research focuses on the evolving forms of communication and community taking place within Internet-enabled social groups.  His dissertation is entitled “How to Make Friends and Influence People on the Internet: a Dissertation on Popular Comments on Online Blogs.”  In it, he discusses his theoretical concept of mimetic primers – mechanisms that influence the duration and intensity of a threaded online/blog conversation, as well as it's potential influence on future online communication.

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