How to Start a Club

  1. Find a group of interested students

    Clubs need at least 8 interested members in order to be able to apply to become an officially recognized Student Assocation club. Figure out a goal or agenda that your club has. Make sure your club isn't covered under the constitution of another club - for example, a Chess club may have problems getting started if a Board Games Club already exists.

  2. Fill out activation paperwork

    Go to the Student Activities office and pick up a Club Activation Form. The form needs a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as long as their contact information. There needs to be signatures of potential club members as well. You also must find an advisor. An advisor is a faculty or staff member who can support your clubs interests and endeavors, signs paperwork for them, and is a sort of mentor to the group if there are any questions or problems. The club must also submit a constitution - a list of rules it and its members must abide by. Generally these list how meetings are run, what duties officers must fulfill, requirements club members have, etc.

  3. Attend a Student Association meeting

    A club representative or representatives must attend the Student Association meeting directly following the approved activation of their club. They must tell the Student Association their clubs goals and aims, as well as general purpose, and what they feel they can bring to the campus. Representatives should be prepared to answer questions regarding the nature of their club, though this is usually a relatively short process. S.A. meetings are held at 12:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room in the Student Center.

  4. Maintain Recognition

    After you become officially recognized, you have some duties to carry out so your group can remain officially sponsored.

    1. Attend Club Training.

      Club Training is required for both new and previously activated clubs. The President and treasurer must receive training that covers common questions, like how the posting policy works or how to fill out a purchase voucher. A binder is handed out with all the information a club should need, as well as some blank forms in case the club needs to fill any out. To learn more about club training, and find out time training is available, contact the Student Activities office.

    2. Attend Club Funding Board meetings

      All clubs are expected to attend Club Funding Board (CFB) meetings every week. These meetings are important for spreading news that clubs need to hear regarding fundraisers, events, community service, and more. Clubs can also request additional funding through CFB and votes are held to approve or disapprove of this. CFB meetings are held Thursday at 12 noon inside the S.A. Conference Room. If there are no representatives from the club for 2 weeks, then that club will be frozen. Being frozen means that the club will not be able to access its funds through the Student Association, be able to reserve space for events, and the other benefits of a recognized club that is in good standing.

    3. Turn in club meeting minutes 2 times or more a month

      Clubs are expected to turn in at least 2 meeting minutes sheets (obtained from the CFB chair or the SA website) every month. This is to prove not only that the club is active and has active participants, but also to determine if the club is doing anything against its constitution or the rules set down by SA. Minutes sheets are available in doc or pdf format.

    4. Turn in a free event form within 4 weeks after activation

      Every club is expected to have at least one free event per semester. A free event is one that is open to the public and does not cost any admission money. The free event form must be turned in within 4 weeks after their initial activation or reactivation bill passes. Free Event forms are available in doc or pdf format

    5. Turn in a fundraiser form within 4 weeks after activation

      Every club is expected to have at least one fundraiser per semester. A fundraiser is an event of some kind, be it a party or an auction, that raises money for the club's endeavors. A fundraiser must be held before a private event can take place unless special permission has been granted by the CFB Chair. Fundraiser Forms are available in doc or pdf format.

    6. Turn in a community service proposal within 4 weeks after activation

      Each club is required to do at least one activity counting towards community service per semester. To determine if the activity you would like to partake in to fulfill this requirement is community service or not, talk to the CFB chair. Community Service Forms are available in doc or pdf format. Clubs who have been frozen may need to do community service to regain their non-frozen status.

    7. Post fliers advertising their events at least 2 weeks in advance

      A club is expected to have advertising for their event in place at least 2 weeks (14 days) before the event is held. These postings are expected to follow the SA posting policy regarding what must be on the posters and the poster size. Any postings that do not follow these guidelines will be ripped down and will not count towards the 2 weeks of posting time. The Posting Policy can be found here (doc). The SA logo can be found here.