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Below is a listing of Student Association positions and their descriptions. They are sorted by organization. Positions with a number in parenthesis have multiple people filling that position. If a position is open it will be highlighted in blue. If you are interested in filling one of the positions, use the contact email provided.

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Student Association

President: The President shall be considered the chief executive officer of the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for carrying out all policies which would require a public or interdepartmental presence of the Student Association. He or she shall preside over any and all meetings of the Executive Board unless his or her permission has been granted to another member of the Executive Board to do so. He or she shall be considered the official spokesperson of the Student Association, whose public word and action shall be considered the will of the Student Association so long as it remains consistent with Student Association policy. He or she shall be capable of utilizing the full resources of the Student Association for matters of urgency in order to protect or enforce Student Association policy.

Vice President: The Vice President shall be considered the chief of staff of the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for carrying out all policies which would require the internal regulation of the Student Association, primarily relating to the Senate and the Executive Council. He or she shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Council. He or she shall also preside over meetings of the Senate unless policy has revoked his or her ability to do so for a finite period of time. He or she shall be responsible for informing Senators and Executive Council members of their duties, violations of those duties, and the possible penalties involved with those violations. The Vice President shall assume the office of President for the duration of the term should the office become vacant or the President becomes physically or mentally incapable of carrying out his or her duties.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be considered the chief fiscal officer of the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for monitoring all financial transactions made by the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for maintaining a budget for the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for preparing a new budget for each academic year to be introduced as a bill during the spring academic semester prior to that academic year. He or she shall be responsible for enforcing fiscal policy by only authorizing financial transactions which are in accordance with fiscal policy.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be considered the chief clerical officer of the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for maintaining all official documents of the Student Association, including but not limited to bills, policies, resolutions, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, forms required in the execution of policies, this Constitution and any public statements made by members of the Student Association. He or she shall be responsible for preparing the agendas and recording the minutes for meetings of the Senate, Executive Board, Executive Council, and Constitutional Court. If he or she is unable to attend or unable to record minutes at one above mentioned meeting then he or she may appoint a suitable replacement for that meeting.

Executive Assistant: Assist the President of SA by providing high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings.

Senator (15): Senators vote to consent or deny actions and appointments made by the president or legislation created by the student body. Additionally, Senators are assigned to serve on committees, in which they review bills sent to them and perform activities that will enhance student life. Each committee focuses on a different topic, including but not limited to: budget, athletics, technology, and academic affairs. Once a bill is passed in by a committee, all senators are responsible for voting on it. Senators will communicate with the student body on issues present in meetings, and gather other concerns to be presented at Student Association meetings. Furthermore, the Senate also has the power to impeach the President. To fill, contact

Alternate Senator (5): The Senate candidate who receives the fourth highest total of votes for his or her class may serve as an alternate Senator, who may temporarily assume a Senate seat during a meeting where an elected Senator from his or her class is absent. To fill, contact

College Council Representative: The College Council is entrusted with broad powers of advice and counsel. Members are concerned with all major institutional policy decisions, setting academic standards, budget review, and all manner of decisions that affect students' well-being. The College Council Rep is responsible for attending the College Council meetings in order to understand the changes on campus, think on behalf of all the students of SUNYIT about decisions that affect the students, voting on these decisions on behalf of the student body, speaking for the students, and reporting back to Student Association meetings to inform students about what was discussed.

Web Coordinator: The Student Association Web Coordinator must fulfill a few different duties. Primarily, the Web Coordinator must keep the SA website up to date. This includes adding any meeting minutes, changing the list of senators and executives when it gets out of date, and editing content as the SA President sees fit. The Web Coordinator should either be able to train student & organizations in the use of web tools (such as Google Docs and the CMS to edit web pages), or should be able to point them to the right person to get training from. The Web Coordinator helps clubs set up websites through the SUNYIT website as they request it. The Web Coordinatorshould update any social media (facebook, twitter), online calendar, etc that has the SA name. In short, if it's SA and it touches the internet, the Web Coordinator should be up to speed and should be able to keep others up to speed on it.

Publicity Coordinator: The Publicity Coordinator will be responsible for all aspect of public relations between Student Association and other groups and promotion and publicity for student groups. This includes creation, printing, and distribution of those materials, as well as off campus publicity when requested. The Publicity Coordinator must overlook the upkeep and maintenance of the printing materials and equipment as well. They will have access and control over Campus LCD screens as another method to effectively publicize information. They will work with the executive board to propose ways to maintain audience attendance at Student Association meetings. Lastly and publicize events and other noteworthy announcements and utilize electronic mediums of communication and networking to do so.

Development Coordinator: The Development Coordinator will be responsible for the enhancement of student programming, community service, and operation of Student Association. More specifically they will provide programming in the Student Center Theater and Pub areas. They will be able to work with student groups in order to assist with logistics if needed. The Development coordinator will coordinate large scale community service efforts


President: The president is required to chair weekly AHAB meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to assign tasks to other members about planning of future events. The President takes a primarily administrative role in AHAB. This includes creating meeting agendas prior to meetings, running meetings, recording minutes from meetings, scheduling events and creating pages for events, respectively, and creating and organizing events which AHAB will put on or participate in for the students and school's benefit.

Program Chair: The Program Chair is responsible for coordinating the events, including filling out the required paperwork, as well as organize designated events.

Event Coordinator: The Event Coordinator is responsible for facilitating each event, as well as the planning of future semesters� events. They will also organize designated events.

Treasurer:The Treasurer is responsible for knowing and understanding the budget and each line and what it consist of. They are responsible for filling out the proper paperwork for each event and check for the events held by AHAB.

Publicity Coordinator: The Publicity Coordinator is responsible for updating the events page, filling out the proper paper work for printing and publicity, and distributing the fliers to other publicity coordinators for promotional use.


President:The President oversees the CAB board and events. They are aware of any and all contracts and what needs to be done with them. They make sure that all preparations for the events are done 2 weeks before the date of the event.

Vice President: The Vice President performs all or any of the President's duties when the President isn't present, available or is notified by the President to do so. They check in with the President frequently to see of any changes or needs. Is is also their duty to announce the performers as well as any announcements at the end of events.

Treasurer: The Treasurer must maintain a current and accurate budget document at all times. They complete purchase vouchers to pay for the expenses of CAB and fill and hand in all of the necessary paper work at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that the checks are ready on time. They ensure that the performer gets paid and advise on any costs for events being planned.

Secretary: The Secretary must maintain and organize updated records of all programs and CAB board members information. They take minutes at every CAB meeting and email them to every CAB member within 24 hours of each meeting. They also text any urgent reminders to all CAB members as needed or told to do so by the President.

Program Chairs (2 positions): Each Program Chair will hang all flyers for CAB events at least 2 weeks in advance, or given to the R.A.'s on duty to be hung in the Residence Halls. They need to take down past fliers, pick up any from the print shop, and get them signed by performers.

Publicity Coordinator: The Publicity Coordinator designs and creates appropriate advertising and flyers for all CAB events at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

Web Master: The Web Master maintains the CAB Website, Facebook page, Facebook group, twitter and SUNY IT homepage event for all upcoming events


Club Funding Board Chair: The CFB Chair is in charge of planning and running the weekly CFB meetings. At CFB meetings, club representative meet to discuss up coming events and share information about their club. The CFB chair is responsible for holding club training yearly. At club training clubs learn how to successful manage a club and any requirements that exist. The CFB Chair also keeps record of paperwork which clubs have turned in and takes appropriate action to freeze clubs if needed. The CFB chair also moves funds to and from club's accounts depending on perfromance, involvement in events, and and extra funding proposals.

Club Funding Board Assistant:The CFB Assistant performs tasks which include note taking during any CFB meetings and assists the CFB Chair in any need.


Senior Editor: The senior editor performs the administrative tasks required for Genesis to run smoothly. This includes scheduling events, filling out purchase vouchers, and interacting with the publishing company Jostens. The senior editor assigns events for photographers to photograph, delegates designers to build pages for those events, runs the meetings, and creates agendas before and minutes after each meeting. The senior editor can photograph events or design pages when desired and as skill permits.

Junior Editor: The junior editor is in like the chief designer. They are in charge of coordinating the designing of the yearbook. The junior editor makes sure that photographers are submitting their photos in a timely manor, and that the layout designers are building the pages for those events in a timely manor. The junior editor also performs tasks as directed by the senior editor such as attending an exec meeting in the senior editor's absence.

Layout Designer (2): Layout designers use pictures uploaded by the photographers to design and build the yearbook through a web based tool provided by the publisher. This web application gives them the tools to perform most of the standard and desired tasks.

Photographer (4): Photographers take pictures at events and during student and faculty picture week. They upload their pictures regularly to the yearbook website where the layout designers use them to build the yearbook.

Publicity Coordinator: The publicity coordinator is in charge of creating fliers and getting them printed. This position is not a stipended position, but is performed by a photographer or other member of Genesis.

Factory Times

Publication Director: In charge of setting deadlines for each issue, makes sure that content is acceptable for publishing. Contributes to issues if there is any additional content needed.

Lead Designer: Oversees other designers, makes sure that their work is up to standard and makes any necessary corrections to design work if needed. Creates cover art for each issue; makes sure issue is ready for print.

Chief Editor: Edits articles that are submitted by writers.

Publicity Coordinator: Works on the public facbook page, maintains a website or any other online portion of the factory times.

Designers: Layout articles with images for each issue.

Writers: Creates articles to be placed in paper.

Wildcat Media

General Manager: Oversees entire operation of Wildcat Media.

Chief Engineer: Maintains all equipment by repairing broken equipment and recommending new equipment for purchase.

Publicity Coordinator: Creates flyers for every Wildcat Media event and any TV shows as requested.

Media Director: Programs TV station software for playout. Updates fliers and music on Channel 10.

Program Director: Finds programming for TV station and is responsible for getting files to Media Director

Event Coordinator: Completes paperwork for all events and makes sure they all go as planned.

Camera Person: Films events.

Business Manager: Fills out purchase vouchers and maintains the budget.