Executive Board

Rob Dipeolu Name: Robert Dipeolu
Position: President
Email: dipeolr@sunyit.edu OR sa@sunyit.edu
Bio: My name is Robert Dipeolu and I am the Student Association President here at SUNY Poly. My major is Health Information Management and this will be my last school year before I move on to the real world. Queens, New York is where I lived all my life until I decided to come to Utica for schooling. I decided that running for this position was ideal because I have been in this school for 4 years and have been actively involved in all the social aspects the school had to offer. Knowing what the students want and need is essential to succeed in a position of this magnitude so I knew this was the right job for me. Being SA President has given me the chance to relay messages from students to the administration regarding changes that should be made and things that can be removed. I can assure that I will continue to work on giving students the voice they deserve during my tenure of SA President.
Christopher Johnson Name: Christopher Johnson
Position: Vice President
Email: johnsocj@sunyit.edu
Enisa Bakalovic Name: Enisa Bakalovic
Position: Secretary
Email: bakaloe@sunyit.edu

Bio: Hello everyone! I am currently a Biology Major here at SUNY Poly. I am also the executive assistant of SA. I have joined the Student Association to not only become more involved on campus, gain leadership experience but also to become an advocate for the student body at SUNY POLY.

Sashuana Taylor Name: Sashuana Taylor
Position: Executive Assistant
Email: taylorsa@sunyit.edu
Merima Veiz Name: Merima Veiz
Position: Treasurer
Email: veizm@sunyit.edu
Bio: Hello everyone! I am a Business Administration major and a member of the class of 2017. As a freshman at SUNY POLY, I served as a senator within the Student Association. This year as the SA Treasurer I promise to handle our budget in no way other than an ethical, responsible and effective manner. As Student Association Treasurer, I am responsible for tracking the current fiscal standing of SA and all subsequent student organizations and clubs under it. Staying involved and participating in leadership on campus is very important to me. 
Sarah Jaramillo Name: Sarah Jaramillo
Position: Vice Treasurer
Email: jaramis@sunyit.edu
Bio: Appointed as Vice Treasurer of the Student Association, I am an Accounting major in my senior year. This is my first term serving as an executive on student government. My position entails assisting the Treasurer in duties that pertain to the financial policy, according to the Student Association Constitution. As mandated, I'm also required to actively participate in both Budget and Stipend Committee. It is thrilling to have become a member and I hope to successfully perform the tasks assigned to me throughout the semester. 
John Borner, Advisor Name: John Borner
Position: Advisor
As Director of Campus Life at SUNYIT, responsible for the Campus Life programs which include Orientation, Student Activities, Student Conduct and advise the SUNYIT Student Association. I have been a member of the professional staff since 1991, beginning as the Director of Residence Life with SUNYIT’s first residence, Adirondack Hall.

Previous to joining SUNYIT, I was the Assistant Director of Residence Life at SUNY Geneseo and advised student clubs & organizations. I hold a Master’s in Education & Counseling from SUNY Buffalo and a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Geneseo in Business Administration.

In Spring of 2000, I was awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Professional Service. I reside near Utica, N.Y. with my family and currently volunteer in numerous community programs; the Utica Boilermaker Road Race, Utica American Red Cross, American Youth Soccer Organization, Boy Scouts of America and Poland Sports Booster Club.