Executive Board

Name: Aaron White
Position: President
Email: whitea2@sunyit.edu OR sa@sunyit.edu
My name is Aaron D. White and I am currently a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology here at SUNY IT. I am a transfer student from Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FM) where I obtained my Associates of Applied Science in Electrical Technology graduating with honors last May. At FM I was also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and, by recommendation of the faculty, received the SUNY Chancellor Award for Excellence. My main goal in such a position is to bring my experience and training to SUNY IT SA, and work with you to better the students lives on campus. I look forward to meeting you soon!
Name: Ingrid Zapata
Position: Vice President
Email: zapatai@sunyit.edu
Hey! My name is Ingrid Zapata. I am from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a Junior in SUNYIT majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology. This is my second year being part of Student Association, last year I was a Sophomore senator. This year I have the bigger responsibility, being your Vice President. I took up this role because I want to be the person that senators, organization members and students can come speak to if there are any issues that they need assistance with. I want to be the person that is there for the students. I hope that I achieve this and be the very best Vice President I can be. I hope this year will be great for student association and SUNYIT.      
Name: Sashauna Taylor
Position: Secretary
Email: taylorsa@sunyit.edu
I am a Junior from Bronx, NY. I am currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Health Information Management. This is my second year as Secretary of Student Association. I have thought about becoming a part of SA since my freshman year. I decided that last year I would give it a try. I enjoy being Secretary because I know that being a part of SA I am able to help my fellow students. I am also apart of the West Indian African Club and the Black Latino American Student Union, I am also an Orientation Advisor for the incoming freshman. One of my favorite pastime is dancing as many may know. I will try my best to up hold the same timeliness and accuracy as the secretaries before me.   =)
Name: Jacob Muller
Position: Treasurer
Email: mullerjs@sunyit.edu
This is my second term as SA Treasurer.  I strive to adhere to the SA mission statement and help to provide all that I can to the students.  My main job as SA Treasurer is to ensure that all of the students activity fees are all spent to enrich the lives of the students.  I hope that I can fulfill this to its utmost degree.
Name: Mathew Utter
Position: Vice Treasurer
Email: utterm@sunyit.edu

A long time ago in a Student Association not too far away, numbers were crunched and prices were cut! At the end of the evaluation wars, only one was left standing, the SA Treasurer Jacob. Jacob found Mathew, a CS student in his senior year at SUNYIT, and offered him the coveted position of Vice Treasurer. Jacob knew that the young man born in the high peaks of Neotoramia was the perfect candidate to rule by his side. Mathew had interests like long walks on the beach, waterfalls, models, and programming, which meant he had a lot of free time to devote to Student Association duties. As a bonus, Mathew's constant guitar playing and singing would drive away even the most worthy adversaries (just ask his room mates).

John Borner, Advisor Name: John Borner
Position: Advisor
As Director of Campus Life at SUNYIT, responsible for the Campus Life programs which include Orientation, Student Activities, Student Conduct and advise the SUNYIT Student Association. I have been a member of the professional staff since 1991, beginning as the Director of Residence Life with SUNYIT’s first residence, Adirondack Hall.

Previous to joining SUNYIT, I was the Assistant Director of Residence Life at SUNY Geneseo and advised student clubs & organizations. I hold a Master’s in Education & Counseling from SUNY Buffalo and a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Geneseo in Business Administration.

In Spring of 2000, I was awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Professional Service. I reside near Utica, N.Y. with my family and currently volunteer in numerous community programs; the Utica Boilermaker Road Race, Utica American Red Cross, American Youth Soccer Organization, Boy Scouts of America and Poland Sports Booster Club.