Executive Council

College Council Representative

Aleesha Feole Name: Aleesha Feole
Position: College Council Rep, Executive Assistant
Email: feolea@sunyit.edu
Bio: I am a senior in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program. As a student at SUNY Poly I have been a club member of IEEE, campus activities board program chair, student association senator, student appellate board representative, student judicial board representative, learning center tutor, and an orientation advisor. I ran for the position of college council student representative in order to represent the voice of the students. Through my position I hope to bridge information between the students, and the college council members.

SA Coordinators

Alex Szentgyorgyi Name: Alex "Beardo" Szentgyorgyi
Position: SA Publicity Coordinator
Email: szentga@sunyit.edu

I'm in my junior year of the Communication and Information Design (CID) program here at SUNYIT. I'm also a Residential Advisor (RA) in the ADK Residential Hall and I'm the Vice President of the Students of Christ club. As the Student Association Publicity Coordinator, I will use both my leadership and design skills to effectively publicize SA. 

Meghan Treacy Name: Meghan Treacy
Position: SA Web Coordinator
Email: treacym@sunyit.edu
Chris Lancelot Name: Christian Lancelot
Position: SA Development Coordinator
Email: lancelc@sunyit.edu


Organization Heads

CAB President Name: Shelby Sebro
Position: CAB President
Email: sebros@sunyit.edu
Aaron Dzigas Name: Aaron Dzigas
Position: AHAB President
Email: dzigasa@sunyit.edu
Bio: My name is Aaron Dzigas and I’m the president of After Hours Activity Board. Currently I’m a junior in the Communication and Information Design (CID) major. I was motivated to be in A.H.A.B ever since I was chosen to fill their program chair position in the 2012-2013 school year. Ever since the president from last year graduated, I have been wanting to do my best to be the voice of the students. Any event that the students want, I want to make sure our group tries their best to make that event possible. I want to assemble an environment where all students can enjoy late night activities.
Elliot O'Reilly, Factory Times Publication Director Name: Elliot O'Reilly
Position: Factory Times Publication Director
Email: oreille@sunyit.edu
My name is Elliot O'Reilly, and I've been a part of the Factory Times since the first few weeks as a freshman at SUNYIT. I've always been a member of student newspapers and publications since high school, so stepping up to Factory Times seemed like a natural transition. I've ran the magazine for two years now, and have found inspiration from both Batman and Ghandi when running the organization. 
Position: Genesis Senior Editor
Brian Holden Name: Brian Holden
Position: Wildcat Media General Manager
Email: holdenb@sunyit.edu

Camille Asknes Name: Camille Asknes
Position: CFB Chairperson
Email: asknesc@sunyit.edu

Bio: My name is Camille Asknes. I am a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York and a Civil Engineering major. I'm currently CFB chair. I've always liked working with different groups of people. I want to ensure that all of the clubs will be able to make campus life an enjoyable experience. 

Name: Ryan Kanalley
Position: President, SUNY Tech Gamers
Email: kanallr@sunyit.edu