Executive Council

CAB President Name: Enmanuel "Manny" Reynoso
Position: CAB President
Email: reynose@sunyit.edu
I am in my junior year at Sunyit. I am a a sociology major. I was a senator in SA my freshman and sophomore year
Melissa Vargas, AHAB President Name: Reimy Tejada
Position: AHAB President
Email: tejadar@sunyit.edu
I am currently a senior majoring in Civil Engineering Technology. I have been a member of AHAB for the past two years. AHAB's mission is to bring fun to SUNYIT and I plan to do just that!
Elliot O'Reilly, Factory Times Publication Director Name: Elliot O'Reilly
Position: Factory Times Publication Director
Email: oreille@sunyit.edu
I am a sophomore currently, majoring in Computer Science.  Factory Times is a club that features uncensored student submitted articles as well as stylistic layout also made by students.  For more information, email factorytimes@sunyit.edu
Name: Travis Richardson
Position: Genesis Senior Editor
Email: richardtd@sunyit.edu
My name is Travis Richardson. I'm the Senior Editor of Genesis Yearbook. I major in Computer Science. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, dancing, playing sports, and learning about building websites. You can visit my website at www.tdrcoolphoto.com.
Name: Hitesh Khurana
Position: Wildcat Media General Manager
Email: khuranh@sunyit.edu

Name: Sabrina Brown
Position: CFB Chairperson
Email: brownsv@sunyit.edu

I am a third year psych major. I transferred to SUNY IT during the spring semester of 2013 and fell in love with the SA atmosphere. I wanted to become more involved on campus so I became CFB chair.

Elliot O'Reilly, Factory Times Publication Director Name: Chris Johnson
Position: College Council Rep, Executive Assistant

You can call me Chris. I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering from Brooklyn, NY. This is my second year in SA having previously been a Freshman Senator. I have decided to take a bigger responsibility on SA in order to better understand what goes on behind in scenes in regard to student affairs. I will do my best to represent student interests on the College Council.

Jayme Fradenburgh, CAB President Name: Jennifer Hookway
Position: SA Web Coordinator
Email: hookwaj@sunyit.edu
I've been a member of SA almost since I started here at SUNYIT as a transfer student sophmore year. This is going to be my 6th year at SUNYIT, and my 6th year as SA Web Coordinator (I started in the spring rather than fall). I've worked 2 jobs in the last few years, including a Web Assistant here at SUNYIT. I major CID with a concentration in Graphic Design, with hopes of becoming a web designer & developer. My other major activity on campus is the SUNY Tech Gamers Club, which is my biggest passion. I was treasurer for two years, president for 3, and am now the League of Legends eSports Coordinator. I was also treasurer of the RPG club, a member of FIT and GSA clubs, and am a member of the Geek Week committee.
Name: Alex "Beardo" Szentgyorgyi
Position: SA Publicity Coordinator
Email: szentga@sunyit.edu

I'm in my junior year of the Communication and Information Design (CID) program here at SUNYIT. I'm also a Residential Advisor (RA) in the ADK Residential Hall and I'm the Vice President of the Students of Christ club. As the Student Association Publicity Coordinator, I will use both my leadership and design skills to effectively publicize SA. 

Name: Conner O'Brian
Position: SA Development Coordinator
Email: obrienc4@sunyit.edu

My name is Conner O'Brien. I am the Development Coordinator for SUNYIT's Student Association. I help coordinate events for clubs using the pub and movie theater. I also help voice concerns students might have to the president of SA.