Student Association Committees and Boards

Committee Name: Academic Speaker
Meeting Time:  
Chair: Aleesha Feole
Members: Jonathan Maldonado


Committee Name: Academic Affairs
Purpose: To gather students to discuss college academic issues and policies
Meeting Time: Wednesday, 6:00pm, 2nd Floor Campus Center Dining Hall
Chair: TBA
Members: Jonathan Maldonado, Juan Salguero, Tyler Rode


Committee Name: Budget
Purpose: To discuss budgets and amend them accordingly
Meeting Time: Wednesday, 7pm, SA Conference Room
Chair: Jacob Muller
Members: Jerrica Paulsen, Jacob Fortune, Lesther Reynoso, David Brustein-Cotler, Mathew Utter


Committee Name: Class Gift
Purpose: To provide SUNYIT with a gift from the graduating class of 2014 that the campus as a whole can appreciate.
Meeting Time: Friday 7:00pm, Student Center 2nd floor.
Chair: Tyler Rode
Members: Cecilia Ludoweig, Debsuta Roy


Committee Name: Food Service
Purpose: Address food service concerns directly with Sodexo Dining Services
Meeting Time: Tuesday, 1pm, Student Center SA Office
Chair: Bobby Nilsen
Members: Jacob Fortune, Aleesha Feole, Swasi-Ann Chambers, David Brustein-Cotler (Please contact David with any questions or concerns for this committee)


Committee Name: Game Room
Purpose: To maintain and improve the Student Center Game Room
Meeting Time:  
Chair: Jonathan Maldonado
Members: Debsuta Roy


Committee Name: Policy
Purpose: To review existing policies and bylaws, and create new policies when necesary to improve student life.
Meeting Time: Monday 6:15pm, SA Office Lounge 
Chair: Lesther Reynoso
Members: Qays Purwinto, Cecilia Ludowieg, Debsuta Roy


Committee Name: Publicity
Purpose: Ensuring the members of SA are well publicized in multiple forms of media. We also assist the Publicity Coordinator in their duties.
Meeting Time: Tuesday 9:30pm, SA Office Lounge
Chair: Alex Szentgyorgyi
Members: Jerrica Paulsen, Qays Purwinto, Juan Salguero, David Brustein-Cotler, Ingrid Zapata


Committee Name: Stipend
Purpose: Discuss, approve, and settle conflicts about stipend amounts
Meeting Time:] End of Semester, Weekend, TBA at SA Meetings
Chair: Jacob Muller
Members: Jerrica Paulsen,Aleesha Feole, Tyler Rode, Cecilia Ludoweig, Mathew Utter


Committee Name: Tech
Purpose: Ensuring students' technical issues are address and reporting these issues directly to those who may direcrtly influence to those changes.
Meeting Time: Wednesday 9 pm, SA Office
Chair: Juan Salguero
Members: Jacob Fortune, Qays Purwinto, Lesther Reynoso

Campus Wide Committees and Boards 

Committee Name: Student Health Advisory
Purpose:  rovides guidance to the Health & Wellness Center and Counseling Center concerning health-related services for students
Meeting Time:  Meets 1-2 times each semester (meeting times determined by doodle poll)
Chair:  Jo Ruffrage, Director Health & Wellness/Counseling Center, 315-792-7172.
Members:  Comprises Faculty, Staff and students


Committee Name: Wellness Committee
Purpose:  The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to provide the learner with valuable, current information that will prepare them to lead healthy lives long after leaving the learning environment. The committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students.
Meeting Time:  Meets 2-3 times each semester (meeting times determined by doodle poll)
Chair:  Stacey Genther, MS Health Educator, Health & Wellness Center 315-792-7808
Members:  Comprises of Faculty, Staff and students


Committee Name:  Alumni Association Advisory Board
Purpose:  The Alumni Association Advisory Board (AAAB) represents the needs and interests of alumni and future alumni (students). The Alumni Office provides staff support to the alumni board and works with the alumni board and student leaders to research, plan, and implement programs that are meaningful to graduates and future alumni.
Meeting Time:  Meet three times per year. Meetings are schedules at the end of each meeting.
Chair:  Jon-Paul Kidwell
Members:  Michelle Brundage, Jean Desulme, Morris Pearson, Barbara Schram, Allen Styno, Nicole Watson
Campus Representatives:  Nick Grimmer, Peter Perkins
Student Representatives:  Aaron White


Committee Name:  Foundation Board
Purpose:  The foundation board exists solely to benefit SUNYIT and its students and faculty through the award of scholarships, the acquisition of much needed equipment, and other purposes as may be directed by the board of trustees.
Meeting Time: Quarterly Meetings: 3/14/2014 and 6/10/2014 (7:45 - 9:00 a.m. Student Center)
Annual Meeting: 10/14/201 4(4:00 - 6:00 p.m.) TBD
Chair:  Michael Evke
Members:  Iris Buczkowski, Anita Brown, Patricia Connolly, G. Leiter Doolittle, Susan Divine, Fr. Paul J. Drobin, Michael Giacobbe, Karl R. Keil, Jr., Nicholas Laino, Louis Leogrande, Jr., Luke Lewis, Mary Mandel, Dr. Theodore C. Max, James McCarthy, Steve Perta, Jennifer Phelan Ninh, Dr. Carlie Phipps, Robert Scholefield, Joseph Woloszynowski, Dr. Robert Geer, Dr. William Durgin, Peter Perkins, Jacob Muller, Aaron White, Susan Head


Committee Name:  Cultural and Performing Arts
Purpose:  CPAC is a committee of faculty, staff, sand students who works to bring cultural arts programs to the community at SUNYIT. This includes trips to live performances, art shows, and live musicians here on campus.
Meeting Time:  Meets every month on the first Thursday of the month. 
Chair:  Connie Castellano, Mary K Perrone


Committee Name:  Green Team
Purpose:  The SUNYIT Green Team is a collaboration of faculty, staff, and students who actively work toward a sustainable campus. The group focuses on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and energy conservation. The group works hand in hand with the U.S. Green Building Council , Lucid , The Alliance to Save Energy, and local waste & energy management companies in an effort to become a more "green" community.
Meeting Time:  This group only meets about 1-2 times a semester.
Chair:  Mark Bremer


Committee Name: Student Athletic Advisor Committee
Purpose: Our goal is to provide student-athletes a unified voice in communications among the student-athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators when addressing issues designed to improve the student-athlete experience.
Meeting Time:  Every other Tuesday at 9pm in the field house conference room
Chair:  Shelby Parker
Members: If anyone is interested in joining the S.A.A.C, please contact Dan Benz at (315)792-7520 or Erin Schurr at (315)792-7834.


Committee Name: Faculty Tech Committee
Purpose:  The Technology Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities: to review and make recommendations with respect to the technological infrastructure, including, but not limited to computing, distance learning, and presentation systems, and policies and procedures associated with the use of technology in the institution's educational program
Meeting Time: Every 4th Tuesday of the month at 12:30pm in Library L-144
Chair: Russell Khan
Members:  Steven Wei, Larry Dunn, Paul Schulman, Ibrahim Yucel, Bruno Adriamanalimanana, Jennifer Klimek-Yingling, Robert Edgell,
Student Representative:
 Juan Salguero
Ex-Officio:  Andrew Bellinger, Elizabeth Tolman, Carol Berger, Kevin Volo, Zachary Wasielewski