Club Directory

This page contains links to clubs that the Student Association supports.

To contact any of the club leaders, please enter their name into the SUNYIT directory.

Not all clubs listed may be currently active; clubs shown have been active within the last 2 years and may be marked for liquidation of assets in the future. If you are interested in activating such a club, contact the former club head to see if they are still interested in activating it. If they are not, contact Jen George for further details.

List of Clubs

Name of Club Club President Meeting place and time of Club
Alternative Energy    
Airsoft / Paintball    
Anime Club Conner O'Brien  
Asian Affiliated Assiciation James Zhu  
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Elias Papatheodoroy  
Baja SAE Neil Miller  
Black Latino American Student Union (BLASU) Megan Rosado  
Bowling Club    
Brotherhood Club    
Cycling Club Dave Dembroski  
Cricket Club  Nagarjuna Karnati  
Club MEJOR Travis Richardson  
Communication & Information Design (CID) Amber Sqrague  
Computer Science (CS)    
Duel Academy Josh Koster  
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) JRob Verdon  
International Student Association (ISA) Dhruv Desai  
Institute of Technology Football League Joseph Kilby  
Institute of Technology Adventure Club (ITAC)    
Ladies Night Out    
Magic: The Gathering Club Conner O'Brien  
Mixed Martial Arts Brian Seawright  
Network and Computer Security Peter Shipman  
Paranormal Investigators    
Pool Players Edwin Lucaro  
Ping Pong Club Patrick Leung  
Psychology / Sociology Club Carey Burnett  
Recreational Club Conner O'Brien  
Role Players Guild (RPG) Conner O'Brien  
Student Health and Information Management Association    
Students of Christ Sean Scanlon  
SUNYIT Game Design Club Jennifer Hookway  
Suny Tech Gamers Club (STGC) Jennifer Hookway  
Soccer Club Nicholas Fiorini  
Ski and Snowboard Club Evan Merrill  
West Indian African Club Rodney Amanfo