Club Checklist

This is the CFB chair's list of clubs and the forms that they have handed in, as well as whether or not the clubs have been frozen.

For Community Service, Free Event, and Fundraiser forms, one X means that the proposal was turned in, while two Xs indicates that both the proposal and the confirmation were turned in.

To contact the current CFB chair, send an email to Sabrina Brown. 

List of Clubs

Name of Club Activation Date
Proposals Required By
Frozen Community Service Free Event
Fund Raiser
Airsoft Club            
Anime Club            
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)            
Asian Affiliated Association            
Baja SAE            
Black Latino American Student Union (BLASU)            
Computer Information and Design (CID)            
Computer Science            
Cycling Club            
Dance Club            
Duel Academy            
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)            
International Student Association (ISA)            
Institute of Technology Football League            
IT Adventure Club            
Magic the Gatheringtm Club            
Network & Computer Security Club            
Pool Players            
Psychology and Sociology Club            
Role Players Guild (RPG)            
Skate and Longboard Club            
Soccer Club            
Students Of Christ            
Student Veterans of America            
Television and Video Production Club            
Wildcat's Care