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2013 Robot Riot


May 16, 2015 Robot Riot 



The 2015 Robot Riot will place on Saturday, May 16, 2015, in the SUNY Poly Student Center Multi-Purpose Room from 9am - 12pm.

 Details below.


What's special about the Robot Riot? COACHES PLAY!

Yup, it's your chance, coaches, to get in there and program and build and collaborate with the kids on your team.

All teams must include at least 2 members, and one of those members must be a child between ages 9 and 18! 

More Robotics! Check out SummerITeens at SUNY Poly. Day camps in robotics and other applied math/science adventures. See you there!



  1. Magic Carpet
  2. SUMO Competition


Magic Carpet RULES (pdf)

SUMO Robot RULES (pdf)



Please bring your robots and laptops for last-minute adjustments to your programs. Electricity and a 2X6 table provided per team, unless other arrangements made ahead of time.

Registration via email:

Please indicate:



# OF ENTERED ROBOTS PER EVENT (Maximum 2 robots per team per event)

We will confirm your registration and send an invoice with costs as follows:

$15 per team per event

[Therefore, if you plan to bring more than 2 robots per event, please register two teams] 



Archive from 2014 below

Go Fish Robots:

Last Minute Lenny (1st place) by FLL Team TeraOrbi

EVA (2nd place) by FTC Team Error404

NoName 3.0 (3rd place) by FTC Team Geared Up

Also competing: the JFK STEM CLub Raiders "Ben", Girl Scout team "Elizabeth", and TeraOrbi "No Name-o"


SUMO Robots:

Maxwell (1st place) by FLL Team TeraOrbi

Leo (2nd place) by by FLL Team Sensor Fusion

Wall-E (3rd place) by Owen D Young Robotics 1

Also competing: Sensor Fusion "The Avenger", "Eyes", "Husky", Owen D Young Robotics 2 "Battle Bob", Girl Scouts 1 "Rabbit", Girl Scouts 2 "Jenifer", TeraOrbi "Sheldon", Roman Knights "Techno Nukes", JFK STEM Club Raiders "Ben" and "The Feds", Girl Scouts 3 "Elizabeth", Error404 "Buddy", Girl Scouts 4 " Motor"


Congratulations to all competitors and THANKS to event mastermind John Barnes and event scorekeeper Pat Barnes!

We were also delighted to welcome NAOMI, a humanoid robot with attitude, graciously demonstrated by Laurie Yager of the MORIC.



9:00AM Registration Student Center Multi-Purpose Room
9:30AM Magic Carpet  
10:00AM SUMO  
11:45AM Awards  
12:00PM  Closure