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Login Information

Angel Login page:

Login with your SITNet ID (SITNet Username Lookup).
Those using a Guest ANGEL accounts use their personal e-mail address for the username.


The ITS Helpdesk provides support for SITNet IDs. You may be able to fix your problem before contacting them.

Main login problem reasons are:

  1. Mistyped passwords
  2. Using the wrong login credentials
  3. Browser settings and issues
  4. New students are not added to ANGEL untel processing for the semester begins. Processing begins are follows: Fall on August 1, Spring on December 15, Summer the Monday after Advance registration in the spring semester.  Refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact date.

Password problems are easily fixed by resetting your password. 
Reset SITNet Password
Reset Guest ANGEL password



Browser Help

Some login problems are due to browser versions and settings.  The OpenSUNY HelpDesk is provides support and assistance for ANGEL including browser issues.  You may be able to correct problems yourself with the links below before contacting the OpenSUNY HelpDesk.

Use the right browser
Adjust cookie settings
Adjust pop-up settings
Clear cache & cookies  (improves performance issues like slowness)
IE 8 help
Test Your System help



ANGEL Course Access

When ANGEL processing for a semester begins, students are added to ANGEL courses on the date the course is scheduled to open.  ANGEL rosters are updated three times daily (6:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 530 PM). Online and hybrid courses are accessible 7 days before the term starts and in-person on the first day of the term. The course are accessible for 21 days after the term ends. 

Semester and Session Terms
First Half
Second Half
Session I Session II





Student Course Access Begins Ends
Online & Hybrid courses 7 days before
term starts
21 days after
term ends
Classroom (In-person)
1st day of term






Main reasons students don't see their courses are:

  1. Student access to courses has either not been reached or has ended.
  2. Registration in the course(s) was deleted for failure to confirmation your registration or pay your bill by the deadline. Contact the Registrar's office (315) 792-7262 to re-register.
  3. Your enrollment in the course has not been updated on ANGEL yet.  It will be updated on the next scheduled roster update.



Additional Help


Student Help Resources

Faculty Help Resources

ITS and SLN help desk contact information