Get Started

  1. Activate your SITNet ID
  2. Things you need to know about ANGEL
  3. Technical requirements for ANGEL
  4. Use Class Search with Textbooks for course materials and textbook information
  5. Course schedule help:  Course Schedule Codes  Instructional methods:  Online, Hybrid, Classroom, By Appointment
  6. Student Instructions for Accessing ANGEL Courses      (Text only version)
  7. Learn to use ANGEL
  8. Contact the Right Help Desk
  9. Official communications use SUNY Poly e-mail.
  10. Check Academic Calendars for important dates, fee structure and refund schedule.

Additional information on SUNY Poly resources.

Remember: Online and hybrid courses open 7 days before the term begins. The courses themselves begin on the first day of term. Early access to course information is at the discretion of the course instructor. Student access to ANGEL courses ends 21 days after the term ends.