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Advanced Certificates - GNP

The CAS Gerontological Nurse Practitioner program is no longer accepting new students. Prospective students are encouraged to learn more about our CAS Family Nurse Practitioner program.

Please contact the Graduate Center at or call (315) 792-7347 to learn more about this option.


Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

The academic content of the post-master's CAS for gerontological nurse practitioner consists of 35 credits; 11 credits of cognate course work and 24 credits of specialty course work. All program entrants must be baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurses who hold a master's degree in nursing from an accredited institution.

Program of Study

NUR 531 Family Theory 2 Credits
NUR 555 Clinical Pharmacology 3 Credits
NUR 566 Advanced Practice Nursing Lecture 3 Credits
NUR 567 Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical 2 Credits
NUR 570 Clinical Pathophysiology 3 Credits
NUR 576 Foundations of Gerontological Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 Credits
NUR 584 Beginning Level Gerontologic Clinical 2 Credits
NUR 654 Gerontological Primary Health Care I 3 Credits
NUR 659 Gynecological Health Care of Elders 2 Credits
NUR 667 Gerontological Primary Health Care II 4 Credits
NUR 674 Intermediate Level Gerontological Clinical 3 Credits
NUR 684 Advanced Level Gerontological Clinical 3 Credits
NUR 692 Culminating Seminar for Nurse Practitioners 2 Credits
  Total 35 Credits

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