MV Tech Showcase

2015 MV Technology Ed & Pre-Engineering Showcase

14th Annual
Mohawk Valley Technology Education & Pre-Engineering Showcase, presented by


and organized in collaboration wth the Mohawk Valley Technology and Engineering Education Association

Thursday, March 12, 2015


SUNY Polytechnic Wildcat Field House

Registration for the 14th annual Mohawk Valley Technology Education and Pre-Engingeering Showcase is open. Please click the FORMS link in the left navigation list to apply.

. You may participate in conjunction with your school or a non-school group. Please note that the Showcase takes place from 1-6pm.


Below you will find archived 2014 Showcase information.






Medallion Winners:

Computer Aided Design First Nathaniel Adair New Hartford
Computer Aided Design Second Brandon Pugh Whitesboro
Computer Aided Design Third Brian Martin Whitesboro
Mousetrap Vehicles First Emilie Mull, Ernest Wielgosz Whitesboro
Mousetrap Vehicles Second Claire Parisi Whitesboro
Mousetrap Vehicles Third Gere Morczek Adirondack
Balsa Bridge - HS First Elizabeth Freeman Vernon Verona Sherrill
Balsa Bridge - HS Second Emma Uvanni, Bryce Hartnett Whitesboro
Balsa Brdige - HS Third Michael Le Whitesboro
Balsa Bridge - MS First Brittany Murphy Whitesboro
Balsa Bridge - MS Second Dawson Little Vernon Verona Sherrill
Balsa Bridge - MS Third - tie Leighton Blum Whitesboro
Balsa Bridge - MS   Third - tie David Newman Whitesboro 
SUMO Robots First  Owen Buckingham  Sauquoit: "Dot Dot" 
SUMO Robots Second  Noah Ducey, Dawson Little VVS: "USR Destroyer" 
SUMO Robots Third Yasmine Mohamed, Olivia Dursi, Ian Kohli, Kaylie East Rome/Strough: "Octavia"
KidWind - HS First Bradnon Lewis, Bob Tribe Mt. Markham
KidWind - HS Second Alex Filmen Whitesboro
KidWind - HS Third Ruslan Juko, Joe Vincent Herkimer
KidWind - MS First Alicia Bernie, Natalie Todd  Herkimer 
KidWind - MS Second Albert Boyko  Mt. Markham 
KidWind - MS Third Deagan Hight, Mack Allen Herkimer 
Paper Structures First Tyler Chase Adirondack
Paper Structures Second Jesse Moore Central Valley Academy
Paper Structures Third Jacob Fraccola Central Valley Academy
Projectile Devices - HS FIrst Trevor Gates, Mitch Kich Mt. Markham
Projectile Devices - HS Second Brad Nellenbach, Dakota Little Vernon Verona Sherrill
Projectile Devices - HS Third Ben Miller, Nick Krawiec Vernon Verona Sherrill
Projectile Devices - MS First Eh Chris Utica - JFK
Projectile Devices - MS Second Kelly Allen, Anna Culver Mt. Markham
Projectile Devices - MS Third Austin Ainslie Mt. Markham
Digital Photography First Lindsey Broadbent Herkimer: "GIrl w Fence"
Digital Photography Second Jesse McCandide Herkimer: "Feet/Shoes"
Digital Photography Third Lindsey Broadbent Herkimer: "Flag"
CO2 Cars - HS First Tyler Delaura Adirondack 
CO2 Cars - HS  Second Rebbecca Schmeichel Vernon Verona Sherrill
CO2 Cars - HS Third Sam Celia Whitesboro
CO2 Cars - MS First Roman Brutsky Whitesboro
CO2 Cars - MS Second Joseph Murray New Hartford
CO2 Cars - MS Third Ron Starsiak Whitesboro
FLL Nature's Fury FIrst Raiders Utica - JFK
Junkyard Wars - HS First Team W  Whitesboro 
Junkyard Wars - HS Second Team M Mt. Markham
Junkyard Wars - HS Third Team H Herkimer
Junkyard Wars - MS First Team H2 Herkimer
Junkyard Wars - MS Second Team M2 Mt Markham
Junkyard Wars - MS Third Team N New Hartdford



 There were ongoing NANO UTICA interactive presentations. Kids visited the mock CLEAN ROOM and tried on the 'bunny suit' worn by Clean Room Technicians. Some event got outfitted with an official access badge! 

Thanks so much to our college participant and our business/industry partners,  

As always, if you have questions/concerns/ideas - please get in touch!


Major Sponsors

Carbone Auto Group

Pratt & Whitney - HMI Metal Powders


Competition Sponsors

Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Poly

Custom Tool and Model, Inc.

Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center

Prize Sponsors

Black River Systems Company, Inc.

Mohawk Valley Engineers Executive Council


Kid Wind

2014 Showcase Competitions:

Balsa Bridge Design

Middle and High School Divisions

Frank Traglia - Whitesboro Middle School

Computer Aided Design


Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Poly

One division with a maximum of 18 students

David Wright - Oneida High School

CO2 Car Races


Carbone Auto Group

Middle and High School Divisions

Shawn Casler - Whitesboro High School

 Digital Photography

One Division

Entries must be submitted to Registration by 3:00 PM

 FIRST LEGO League Robot Game


hosted by CNYFIRST

 Junkyard Wars

Middle and High School Divisions

William Willson - Strough Middle School


Middle and High School Divisions

Teacher Pre-Registration Required - PD available!

Contact Ray Pitcher - Herkimer High School

Mousetrap Vehicles

One Division

Dan Granato - Adirondack Central School

Projectile Devices


Custom Tool and Model Inc.

Middle and High School Division

Micah Colbert & Tim McKenna - Vernon Verona Sherril CSD

Logo Design

One Division

Entries must be submitted to Registration by 3:00 PM

SUMO Robots

One Division

hosted by CNYFIRST




Archive from 2013 below:


1st: Gabriella Ficano

2nd: Brad Pietryka

3rd: Dominique Edwards


1st: Sevack Danadian

2nd: Nadim Quazi

3rd: Braylin Sheppard


1st: FLL Masters

2nd: JFK FLL

3rd: Strough Middle School


1st: New Hartford Junior High

2nd: Mt Markham Middle School

3rd: Clinton Middle School


1st: Todd Mull

2nd: Claire Parisi

3rd: Mark Costin


1st: Clinton

2nd: Noah Ducey

3rd: VVS


1st: Stephen Paddock

2nd: Mich Koch/Trevor Gates

3rd: Jon Hoover


1st: Whitesboro 4

2nd: Whitesboro 2

3rd: Whitesboro 3


1st: Nicholas Keefe

2nd: Lauren Kinney

3rd: Arkeen Hagens


1st: Shyan Patel

2nd: Tatiana Collver

3rd: Sage Bailey


1st: Herkimer Central Team BJH

2nd: Herkimer Central Team IJH

3rd: Sauquoit Valley


1st: "Dancer", Adrianna Drissi

2nd: "Ceiling Lantern", NIchole Scholl

3rd: "Wrench", Mae Dinh


1st: King George II - The Tank (VVS-B)

2nd: The Little Devil (VVS-A)

3rd: Warrior (Clinton)


1st: Demetri Lopez

2nd: Brian Burdick

3rd: Kaitlyn Belmont

under 8": Daegan Hight


1st: Colton Bourgeois

2nd: Amelia Scott

3rd: Jon Delahunt


More Competition Information.

The showcase is open to middle and high school students, who bring their school technology projects to display under the supervision of their technology teachers. The showcase is organized by the Mohawk Valley Technology and Engineering Education Association, a professional association of area technology teachers. They volunteer to develop, run and score or judge the competitions at the showcase as well as guide their students in preparation for the event.


Please contact Elizabeth Rossi at 792-7383 or with any questions!  

Prime Sponsor

Major Sponsors
Carbone Auto Group
Pratt & Whitney  HMI Metal Powders

Competition Sponsors
Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center

Prize Sponsors
Black River Systems Company, Inc.
HiTechnic-Dataport Systems
Kid Wind 


Directions to SUNY Poly


The Mohawk Valley - It's a great place to live, learn and earn. 

  • The Showcase is free and open to the public.
  • Students from middle schools and high schools in Oneida, Herkimer and Madison counties give live demonstrations and presentations of the activities they are doing in their Technology Education classes.
  • Competitions include Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Balsa Bridges, Energy-themed Logo design, KidWind and Robotics.
  • Students may also participate in live car races, newsprint structures and catapult contests.

The Showcase features area technology-related businesses and organizations who show students career opportunities that exist in the Mohawk Valley.

Representatives from colleges with technology-related programs across New York State attend to talk to students. 

... and if you are interested in the next big robotics tech challenge for teens, please check out the Robot Riot!