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SUNY Poly E-mail

SUNY Poly e-mail accounts are created within an hour after the SITNet ID is activated. Official communications are sent to SUNY Poly e-mail sent to SUNY Poly e-mail addresses (i.e. Additional information about official SUNY Poly communications.

E-mail is filtered for spam and viruses. Attachments that are potentially damaging are removed. No filter is perfect or able to protect against all types of problematic email. Therefore, common sense and caution are needed when dealing with email messages.

  • SUNY Poly e-mail is accessible to all users at For quick access, SUNY Poly e-mail links are provided on the SUNY Poly homepage, Current Students, and Faculty & Staff pages.
  • Mail forwarding instructions

Community mail is delivered to broad categories of users (e.g. students, faculty, staff) about changes in hours, services and other important topics.

The list of campus happenings are posted on the Events Calendar. Current and upcoming entries are displayed in the college home page