Gmail at SUNYIT

Frequently Asked Questions
How is my SUNYIT Gmail account different from a regular Gmail account?

SUNYIT Gmail accounts will be able to take advantage of all of the features of a regular Gmail account but will be owned, provided, and supported by SUNYIT. This means you will be keeping your "" e-mail address and will continue to use your SITNet ID and password to log in to your account. You will also continue to get support from the SUNYIT Help Desk in addition to the numerous help documents and tutorial videos provided by Google.

How long can we continue to use our Lotus accounts?

Presently SUNYIT plans on phasing out Lotus accounts by the end of the 2010 Spring semester. Training and support will be provided throughout the semester to help people move over well before this deadline.

Why are we moving away from Lotus Notes?

With Gmail users will get more storage space, new features, room for additional tools through Google Apps, and the ability to use their own desktop or smartphone (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) e-mail client. This is all in addition to the great cost savings for SUNYIT!

Will we be required to use the SUNYIT Gmail service?

This service will become the official e-mail service of SUNYIT once Lotus is completely phased out. Official e-mail communications within the college should use this service.

Can I move my existing e-mails from Lotus to SUNYIT Gmail?

Yes. Users will be provided an opportunity to move their existing e-mail, and in most cases this process can be automated and will not interrupt e-mail service.

What happens if we lose our Internet connection? Can I access my e-mail on my computer?

Unlike Lotus Notes you will lose the ability to send and receive internal e-mails if SUNYIT loses its connection to the Internet. However, you will have the ability to save your e-mails to your computer either using your own desktop e-mail client or the Google Labs "Offline" feature to read your e-mails without an Internet connection.