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Academic Calendars

Faculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly

Faculty assembly blog - latest news

Middle States self-study information on the  Institutional Research page.

Faculty Assembly Bylaws (May 2014) (pdf)


Faculty Assembly chair: Maarten Heyboer

Faculty Assembly Secretary: Russell L. Kahn; Backup, Kristina Boylan

Faculty Senator: Ron Sarner


Committees and Meeting Schedule

College meetings



Academic Affairs -  Rosemary Mullick, Chair
1st Thursday of the month

The Academic Affairs Committee addresses all issues that are part of the faculty's primary responsibility that are not delegated to other standing committees of the Faculty Assembly.  These issues include admissions and transfer policy, the academic code of conduct, academic freedom, academic standing, grading, graduation requirements, research, subject matter and methods of instruction, and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process.

Academic Quality -  Amos Confer, Chair
1st Thursday of the month

Academic Quality committee works with program faculty, general education faculty, and academic support services to ensure that student learning outcomes are met through ongoing assessment efforts.

Curriculum - Coskun Cetinkaya, Chair
1st Tuesday of the month

Distance Learning (pending name change approval) - Donna Silsbee, Chair

1st Tuesday of the month

Evaluation of Academic Administrators - Kristina Boylan, Chair
1st Tuesday of the month

Executive Committee - Maarten Heyboer, Chair of the Faculty Assembly
3rd Thursday of the month

Faculty Assembly - Maarten Heyboer, Chair of the Faculty Assembly
4th Thursday of the month

Graduate Council - Kathleen Rourke, Chair
1st Tuesday of the month

All faculty responsibilities relating to graduate education, programs, curricula, graduate faculty matters and other pertinent issues are hereby delegated to a Graduate Council which shall operate as a standing committee of the Faculty Assembly.  The Graduate Council shall establish and operate according to its own by-laws, subject to the requirement that policies adopted shall be reported periodically to the Faculty Assembly.  The Chairperson of the Faculty Assembly or his/her designee shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Graduate Council

Personnel - Carlie Phipps, Chair
1st Thursday of the month

The Academic Personnel Committee reviews recommendations from department personnel committees concerning the promotion, reappointment and continuing appointment of faculty and sends its recommendations to the provost.

Planning & Budgeting - Roger Cavallo, Chair
1st Tuesday of the month

Technology - Jennifer Klimek-Yingling, Chair
1st Thursday of the month

The Technology Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities: to review and make recommendations with respect to the technological infrastructure, including, but not limited to computing, distance learning, and presentation systems, and policies and procedures associated with the use of technology in the institution’s educational program.