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The 2014 WORLD CLASS FIRST LEGO League Season is in full swing!

We have 58 FIRST LEGO League teams registered to compete in the FLL@SUNY WORLD CLASS Season.

There will be three FLL Qualifiers in November, followed by a 24 team FLL Championship in December. 


Saturday November 15, 2014 at MVCC in Utica

Sunday November 16, 2014 at Remington Educational Complex in Ilion

Saturday November 22, 2014 at Mexico Middle School, Mexico


Our CHAMPIONSHIP on December 6, 2014 at SUNY Polytechnic Institute will pull 24 teams from these three qualifiers. The number of teams that move up from each qualifier will be proportional to the number of teams overall and the size of the qualifier.


Would you like to attend? All FIRST Tournaments are free and open to the public.

Would you like to participate as a volunteer? That would be WONDERFUL! We NEED engagegd, kid-friendly, forward-thinking folks to help us create a fabulous atmosphere all participants.

Please contact us at for volunteer role information.

You may also visit the FIRST Volunteer Information Management System site to create an account, go through their free online Youth Protection Program screening, and then sign up to volunteer at one of our events.


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SUNYIT hosted an Open House and FLL KickOff for the World Class Season on Saturday August 16, from 1-4pm in the Student Center MultiPurpose Room.

Saturday, August 23, SUNYIT hosted a Coaches' Training Event from 9am - 3pm in Donovan Hall G155. 

We collaborate with organizations in the community to host regional qualifiers prior to the December 6 Championship. Those qualifier sites and dates will be posted soon.

Looking forward to a World Class Season in FLL!


2013 Archive

The 2013 FIRST LEGO League season at SUNYIT was a ton of fun; we all competed and collaborated with good will and intense concentration.

Our championship team, #9108, NeXt Generation fromTully, has returned form LEGOLand California, where they met with and competed against teams from Mexico to Canada, the USA, and abroad. They made the final cut in two categories (Core Values and Project) and received Honorable Mention in BOTH Categories! We all congratulate NeXT Generation for their awesome performance and their devotion to Gracious Professionalism all the way.

Check back here soon for information about the 2014 WORLD CLASS Season!! 



It was a wonderful FLL celebration on December 7 in the Wildcat Field House. A little morning nature's fury didn't stop our intrepid FLL teams from enjoying the day. The kids had to move between the Field House and the Student Center for Project Presentations, and no one said 'boo' about the trek or the weather or the distance - I love your attitude! 

We were treated to a moving a cappella rendition of the National Anthem by Oneida Country Undersherriff Rob Swenszkowski at opening ceremony.

Rob was preceded by SUNYIT Provost Bill Durgin, who spoke about the family of FIRST robotics, which were all on display in the Field House - a first (!) at SUNYIT.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi then talked to the kids about STEM careers and the tremendous new opportunitiies in upstate New York, from cyber security to nano-technology and advanced manufacturing. We are all on your sides, kids! We so look forward to your great ideas, efforts and inventions that will help to build and sustain strong communities.

We were treated to a dual emcee team of Jack Kentfield from Hartford, CT (who travelled to Utica with his wife, Kathie, an advisor from FIRST)  and Dr Amos Confer, Computer Science professor at SUNYIT. Along with Head Referee Dr. Dan Benincasa, Electrical Engonering Technology professor at SUNYIT, the afternoon Nature's Fury Robot Games went off without a hitch.

Kathy Morgan, our Partner Services Manager from FIRST attended, helping to set up fields on Friday night, and assisting our judges in their very difficult task of award deliberations.

Many thanks to all the volunteers from SUNYIT, both faculty and staff, as well as undergraduates, who assisted in every possible role with the event.


You kids know we think you are all winners, and that is a fact! The robot design judges in particular were SO impressed with your efforts at quality improvement in between the qualifiers and the championship. You took their rubric comments from the qualifiers to heart, and worked hard to incorporate their suggestions related to structure, programming and sensor use. CONGRATULATIONS on a JOB WELL DONE.


Championship Trophy Winners below:

Champion's Award: NeXT Generation FLL Team #9108

Second place Champion's Award: Mindstorm Magicians FLL Team #1611

Project Award - Research: B.O.T. FLL Team # 3579

Project Award - Innovative Solution: Holy Cross Flaming Chinchillas FLL Team # 10699

Project Award - Presentation: Argonauts FLL Team # 1616

Core Vaues Award - Inspiration: Roboterminators FLL Team # 11568

Core Vaues Award - Teamwork: Minoa Mindstorm Minions FLL Team # 7381

Core Vaues Award - Gracious Professionalism: The Brothers FLL Team # 15627

Robot Design Award - Mechanical Design: Delta Brick Builders FLL Team # 10832

Robot Design Award - Programming: Dolgeville Lego Robotics FLL Team # 4912

Robot Design Award - Strategy and Innovation: Minoa Mindstorm Masters FLL Team # 7379

Robot Game Award: The Brothers FLL Team # 15627; high score of 430!

Judge's Award: 4ever Bots FLL Team # 9467

Outstanding Volunteer Award: Laurie Yager of Mohawk Regional Information Center

Adult Coach/Mentor Award: Andrew Leary

Young Adult/Mentor Award: Margaret Conan of the NadoBots FLL Team # 15948


 Qualifier Information Archived below


Saturday, November 16, 2013 at Mohawk Valley Community College in the Jorgensen Center

Trophy winners below:

Champion's Award: The Brothers FLL Team # 15627

Project Award: B.O.T. FLL Team # 3579

Core Vaues Award: Minoa Mindstorm Minions FLL Team # 7381

Robot Design Award: Blazin' Blox FLL Team # 14324

Robot Game Award: The Brothers FLL Team # 15627; high score of 305

Judge's Award: JFK STEM Club Raiders FLL Team # 3388

Judge's Award: Minoa Mindstormer Masters FLL Team # 7379

Outstanding Volunteer Award: Doug Higgins of MVCC

Adult Coach/Mentor Award: Becky Loy, Coach of the Minoa Mindstormer Masters FLL Team # 7379

Young Adult/Mentor Award: The Mindstorm Magicians FLL Team # 1611


Sunday, November 24, 2013 at Herkimer County Community College in the Athletic Center

Trophy winners below:


Champion's Award: Gears in Motion FLL Team #11

Project Award: The Brainstormers FLL Team # 9104

Core Vaues Award: Geneworx Oughtomation FLL Team # 8813

Robot Design Award: NeXT Generation FLL Team # 9108

Robot Game Award: NeXT Generation FLL Team # 9108; high score of 275

Judge's Award: Dologeville Lego Robotics FLL Team # 4912

Judge's Award: HCA - FLaming Chinchillas FLL Team # 10699

Outstanding Volunteer Award: Jose Lopez of HCCC

Adult Coach/Mentor Award: Nancy Eichler, Coach of the Hughes Hawks FLL Team # 5277

Young Adult/Mentor Award: FTC Team Geared Up! FTC Team # 6347


For more information about the NATURE'S FURY Challenge, please visit


Final Team List for December 7, 2013 FLL@SUNYIT Championship


Team Number Team Name Coach
15948 Nado Bots Joan Roueche
15627 Brothers Mr. Luke Ribaudo
14324 Holy Cross Blazin Blox Joan Roueche
11568 RoboTerminators Mrs. Jackie D. Warmuth
10832 Delta Brick Builders Mr. Morgan Larson
10699 Holy Cross Flaming Chinchillas Mrs. Francesca T. Paugh
9879 FFL's The Inside Joke Margaret C. Portier
9467 CNY Robotics Mr. Andrew Leary
9108 NeXT Generation Glenn Ball
9104 The Brainstormers Dave Perkins
8813 GeneWorx Oughtamation Mr. Ralph L. Kohler Jr.
7381 Minoa Mindstorm Minions Rebecca Loy
7379 Minoa Mindstorm Masters Rebecca Loy
4912 Dolgeville Middle School John Gardner
4170 nxtG3N Mr. Brian M. Craig
4087 Lego Devils Mr. Micah J. Colbert
3579 B.O.T. Ms. Nancy A. Shaheen
3388 JFK STEM Club Raiders Katelynd DeSanctis
1616 Argonauts Mr. Sean K. Arnold
1613 Creeper Bots Mr. Shelby R. Davis
1612 Legendary LEGO Warriors Mrs. Heather M. Spence-Mancini
1611 Mindstorm Magicians Mr. Brian Romano
559 NeXT Generation Warriors Mr. Adam Banasik
11 Gears in Motion Prof. Susan E. Douglas

 Congratulations to all FLL teams!


FLL Logo

2013 FLL @ SUNYIT Dates

Saturday, August 17, 2013




Saturday, August 24, 2013

FLL Coaches' Training



Saturday, September 7, 2013

FTC Kick Off and morning Quick Build for FTC teams



October 2013

Coaches Get Together;  Judges/Referees Training



Saturday, November 16, 2013

FLL Qualifier at MVCC



Sunday, November 24, 2013

FLL Qualifier at HCCC



Saturday, December 7, 2013
8 am - 5 pm

Wildcat Field House

Nature's Fury Regional FLL Championship at SUNYIT

Disaster Blaster Jr FLL Expo



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wildcat Field House

FTC Qualifier: Pace University Regional



cnyfirst logo

is the organizing committee that supports these tournaments with brainpower, manpower, and money. We are volunteers from education and industry, who work to promote STEM innovation in education through hands-on investigations with LEGO's and robotics.



Indium Corporation

BAE Systems

HiTechnic-Dataport Systems, Inc.

Trenton Technology, Inc.

Carbone Auto Group

Research Associates of Syracuse

Your generosity makes possible medallions, trophies, tee shirts, food and marketing materials for FLL@SUNYIT. We are grateful for your assistance!

We couldn't do this project with you. We send you HIGH FIVES and ADMIRATION!



2012 Championship Tournament Award Winners archived below:

Champion's Award Gears in Motion: 14830
Second Place Champion's Award Mindstorm Magicians: 2512
High Score Robot Performance (345) The Brothers: 11783
Core Values: Teamwork Award Minoa Mindstormers: 6766
Core Values: Gracious Professionalism Gatorbots: 3818
Core Values: Inspiration Award The Brothers: 11783
Research Project: Presentation Award NXT Generation: 8429
Research Project: Innovative Solution Lewis Co. Junior LEGO Engineers: 12503
Research Project: Research Award Mega Smashing Cyborg Lizards: 5928
Robot Design: Mechanical Design Cyber Techno Wizards: 8427
Robot Design: Programming Crusaders Too: 12404
Robot Design: Strategy & Innovation CNY Robotics: 3319
Judges' Award LEGO Devils: 3386
Young Adult Mentor Award RoboSpartans: FTC 4082
 Adult Coach/Mentor Award John Barnes 
 Outstanding Volunteer Award Jon Stokes... and his friend R2D2 

Pics are HERE! 

 - - - - - -

 December 1, 2012 Championship Tournament Team List:

Team # Team Name
15257 I C Eagles
14830 Gears In Motion
12503 Lewis County Jr LEGO Engineers
12404 Crusaders Too
11783 The Brothers
10747 Robo Terminators
10255 iLego: The efficient engineers
8703 TeraOrbi - Team NXT
8429 NXT Generation
8427 Cyber Techno Wizards
8423 Play Again
6766 Minoa Mindstormers
6240 Robo Einsteins
6187 Robonauts
5928 Mega Smashing Cyborg Lizards
4517 Dolgeville Robotics
3818 Gatorbots
3386 Lego Devils
3319 CNY Robotics
2764 Y-Knots
2512 Mindstorms Magicians
2510 JFK Bots
297 The Combustibles

 Congratulations to all FLL teams!

 . . . . . .

New to FIRST and FLL?

Visit or

to  learn about this fantastic, kid-driven, 'sport of the mind' for children ages 9-14.

FLL@SUNYIT is competitive.

Teams of kids combine Lego structures, motors, sensors and processors with user-friendly software to design, build, and program autonomous robots.

Teams are comprised of 3-10 kids and a coach; the team uses the LEGO Mindstorms system to construct the robot.

A tournament consists of:

* Project Presentations *Teamwork - Core Values - Judging

 *Technical Judging *Robot Game

Participants receive a medal.  Some trophies are also given. 

Many many thanks to Lisa Payne for hosting and maintaining this Facebook presence for CNY FIRST,
and to Jonathan Jenkins for the outstanding photography. See his work at:

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