RPG Synopses

Below are many synopses for the various campaigns run and played by members of the Role players Guild here at SUNYIT.

GMs: Don't see your campaign listed? Send a synopsis of your game, whether or not you have any open slots, where and when it meets, and any other important information you may want to include. Inclusion of your name and email address on this website for contact information is optional.

D&D Campaigns:

D&D Fight Club

It's back! Pit your D&D chracters against each other in a battle to the top, arena-style. For match times, see Zack's google calendar.

HIGH Tech:

The world is changing rapidly. Gas prices rise, and so too, does the tension between the major powers. Harsh words are spoken at numerous press conferences and diplomatic talks. The campus populace, and most of the country, for that matter, is (are?) clueless. Rumors float around as they always do, but this time, of a more ominous nature. "They said the war's already escalated to threats of nuclear war" is what's heard muttered worriedly during meals.

In the early morning hours, it happens. a group of students are holed up in the campus center, rolling dice and drinking soda. *FLASH!* *WHOOOM!* A mighty roar fills the air. Windows shatter, the power goes out, and the students are knocked unconscious by falling debris. The very way of life they know is falling apart.

The students wake up, disoriented and unaware of the time or date. They manage to pry the door open, only to begin to see that there is a very big problem. The stench in the air is unbearable and warm, and they fear they're the only ones left alive. They rummage through the debris to find their belongings, and look at one another.

This is not what they signed up for.

Campaign information:
-Modified D&D 3.5 edition rules.
-No open slots.


Realm of Eos:

 Set in the created world of Eos, a small group of militia get set out on a mission to stop orc scout parties.  After weeks of fighting orcs, the party finds themselves caught in an old abandonded city under a mountain.  They find there an old Dwarven city and an army of orcs waiting for the kill.  They also discover the battle plans of not only the orcs, but their allies, the Drow.  Defending the city of Montula the group has no other choice but to retreat with the remaining people of the city through a magical portal.  Word spreads that the Drow have crossed the ocean and have made a great invasion all over the Realm of Eos.  The Drow War Saga has begun!

Campaign Information:
-D&D 4.0 rules
-1 open slot

D20 campaigns:

Greater Good of the Galaxy

In a time period set before Episode IV of the Star Wars saga, the adventurers have had to infiltrate imperial bases to find plans to an imperial super weapon. Currently they are wandering the galaxy being hassled by a group that has dubbed itself the "Greater Good of the Galaxy", or the "GGG". All of the characters are force sensitive, or had the option to be, and everyone took some form of force training.

Campaign information:
-Star Wars Galaxy Edition campaign.
-1-2 open slots.