RPG Events and Fundraisers

RPG Club, like all other clubs on the SUNYIT campus, are required to host events and hold fundraisers. here is a list of events and fundraisers from years past.

Fall 2008:

At SITACon, an anime convention hosted by SITAC here on campus, RPG Club sold dice and dice bags to profit the club's endeavors. A big thanks goes to the people at Chessex for giving us a discount on the dice and bags we ordered.

There are still some dice left if you are interested! Colors vary and are limited. Once they are gone, they are gone.


Opaque sets (7 dice): $4.00
Transluscent sets (7 dice): $5.00
Opaque D10s (10 dice): $6.00
Transluscent D10s (10 dice): $7.00
Opaque D6s (10 Dice): $6.00
Transluscent D6s (10 dice): $7.00
Dice Bags: $3.00