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Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM)





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CGAM?

The Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM) is an inter-regional, industry-led, public/private partnership, 501(c)(3)organization dedicated to enabling manufacturing innovation and engaging academic institutions. 


What is CGAM’s purpose or mission?

CGAM will support the over 2400 manufacturing firms in the Hudson and Mohawk Valley Regions by providing technology and business support services to improve competitiveness, thus enabling the sector;'s growth, and sustainability

CGAM will:

  • Lower cost &/or improve quality of products
    • Provide technical/operational expertise and support to improve manufacturing process(es)
    • Provide access to academic/research partners to solve problems
    • Provide access to Equipment Characterization Lab
    • Develop cost-saving cloud-based computer applications targeted at SME's
  • Benchmark
  • Enable commericialization of New Products
  • Adopt innovative technologies
  • Facilitate workforce training
  • Provide business support


CGAM will help to:
Capture the economic, societal, and global benefits of the manufacturing resurgence for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by enabling SME manufacturers to:

  • Sustain/grow current business models
  • Improve global competitiveness
  • Perform product evaluation
  • Develop and commercialize new product lines
  • Access top-notch NYS academic research facilities
  • Attract and train skilled craft workers to fill newly created jobs
  • Deliver these benefits to residents and businesses of NYS, helping to create and retain good jobs
  • Attract new SME manufacturers to region


What services will CGAM offer?
This one stop manufacturing “center of excellence “will offer the following services:

  • Technical
    - Equipment Characterization Laboratory
  • Operational
  • Business services
  • Educational
  • Training
  • Research opportunities


What regions are involved?
Initially, CGAM represents a partnership between the Hudson Valley and the Mohawk Valley.


Who are the founding members?
The Solar Energy Consortium (TSEC), the Council of Industry, the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC), Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC), State University of New York Institute of Technology (SUNYIT)




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