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                                                                                                     Wednesday September 23, 2015

                                                                                                                  8 am to 10 am

SUNY Polytechnic Institute


"Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business"

Margaret Luttinger, Principal

Program Abstract:


Competitive advantages come with having the right people intentionally and strategically sourced, selected, developed and deployed. 

Perhaps more than ever before, getting and keeping talent is the main course not the side dish responsibility for business owners and leaders. But what does it take to do this well? 

Join in an interactive, facilitated exchange where these issues will be examined and discussed. Come with questions and leave with insights and recommendations- either new or different – to help you and your business experience higher levels of success with this important leadership responsibility. 

Our conversation will address such essentials as: 

Finding and attracting needed talent- knowing and communicating your ‘why’. 

Selecting talent – the benefits and component pieces of a professional process 

On-boarding and post hire quality control which prevents a reputation of ‘get ‘em then forget ‘em’ 

Managing talent – the integration of strategic planning with a defined and disciplined succession and high potential talent identification and development process. 

Margaret's Bio:

Margaret describes herself as a ‘non-steroidal performance enhancer’

Her consulting practice, founded 10 years ago, focuses on individuals, teams and leaders motivated to achieve and sustain a new level of fitness. She does this through the use of trusted assessments (*) and the application of a robust 25 year HR and Labor Relations Exec career in manufacturing and engineering firms.

Margaret has been engaged in many initiatives – mergers, acquisitions, restructuring – requiring surfacing and developing strategies to remove personal, functional or organizational effectiveness obstacles to high performance. She focused on careful selection and management of talent, identifying high potential and succession planning, recognizing the serious impact these had on sustaining the performance of the businesses she served.

Her practice today is highly focused on imparting knowledge to leaders which supports their ability to more effectively select, partner, understand, collaborate, and motivate.

(*) Having witnessed first hand the obstacles that natural but unconscious interpersonal differences between people create, Margaret relies heavily on her two important ‘advisors’ – the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Order (FIRO- Element B) in her consulting work.