Citrix - Remote Applications 

Citrix is a sophisticated application that allows anyone with a valid SITNet ID and Password to access and run remotely installed applications as if they were installed locally. Citrix also allows a remote user to gain access to edit and create files within their SUNYIT home directory. Citrix is platform independent and can therefore be run on Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Follow these steps to logon to a Citrix application.

  • Go to
  • Log in with your SITNet ID.
  • Locate the application. Most are in folders by company or type (e.g. Business * applications, Macromedia).
  • Start the application by double clicking on its icon. There is a delay before * the application opens while the environment is set up.
  • When the application finishes opening, it can be used as usual.
  • Use "Save As" to save user files on your local hard drive or home directory.
  • When finished using the application, exit then logoff the server.

Report Citrix problems and requests by submitting a Lab Computing ticket in the RT [1].

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