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I'm a little behind, but here you go..

I meant to write another post quite some time ago, but got incredibly busy with finals, moving, etc. So, I'll start where I left off...


Spring formal was very good. That morning I went with a bunch of people to help decorate. It ended up looking very nice. Then, after returning to campus for a while, I went back for the awards ceremony. I wasn't able to stay for the dance part because I was on duty from 10pm-2am that night in Mohawk. Greg and I received an award for our community service program (the one we did with the humane society).


The next day, Saturday, was the annual Carnival Day. I was helping out with the ResLife luau, which went very well. Wildcat Media had their Rock & Roar concert going all day and into the evening. CAB had the inflatables and some other stuff setup, including fireworks later that night. There were tons of people and it looked like everyone had a great time.


Then, it was time to prepare / cram for finals and finish up projects.  The projects went OK, and the exams weren't too bad (better than my midterms were, at least).  I did, however, expect to get a couple of low grades and was thrilled to see that I got A's and B's.  

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