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Plans for senior year

Next semester will be the start of my senior year. I'm very excited about it, mainly because I get to take classes that look really good (and they're all CS/IS!), but also because I'll be that much closer to my degree. I registered for classes last week and so far I'm taking:


Database Management Systems

Web2.0 AJAX In .Net/Java

UNIX System Administration

CS Capstone


I'm really excited to see something web-related (AJAX) being taught. We have some web classes, but nothing I'm really interested in learning (or that I haven't already learned). Hopefully that will be a good class. While I may not like JavaScript, it can do some pretty neat things and is simply necessary to know in the industry.

I'm also excited about the capstone project - more on that when the time comes.


I must say, though, that no matter how good next semester looks, I can't wait for summer break.



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