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Spectrum a Success

The presentation at Spectrum was a success. Georgie, Tony and I had a good time and received numerous compliments about our talk. I was nervous going in because I thought that our talk may be to general and people would already know about the technologies were we discussing. To my surprise the audience was receptive and they genuinely were not familiar with our topic and asked a ton of questions. We were worried that we would run well short of the hour time slot, but we went the whole hour. We even had to stop fielding questions because of the time limit. Numerous attendees approached us after the talk for more information. Overall it was a great experience and a wonderful networking function.

Here are some pics from the event:

Tecteam and Professors

Left to right: Me, Tony, Georgie, Professor Mona de Vestel, Professor Russ Kahn


Left to right: Me, Tony, Georgie

Tecteam recieving pens

Left to right: Me, Tony, Georgie. We received pens as a gift for presenting.

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