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Five Ways to Cheat at Baseball Without Using Steroids

Is cheating ethical in baseball as long as you don't get caught? If you haven't watch sport center recently a Yankees pitcher blatantly smeared pine tar on his neck to rub on the ball in between pitches in order to get a better grip on the ball. needless to say he was found out and was ejected from game and received a 10 game suspension. although using pine tar on the ball in against the rules in baseball the topic of discussion was not that he was using the pine tar but how obvious it was that he was and that he dint try to hide it. it seem that not hiding the pine tar irked more baseball critics than the fact that he was cheating. the article "Five Ways to Cheat at Baseball Without Using Steroids" posted on tells many different stories of the cheating in baseball and the players who were rewarded for not getting caught. the critics and writers out seem to be on the side that cheating is ok as long as you dont get caught unless it you are using steroid, then you are excommunicated from baseball all together with out any remorse. is it ok to take humor or pride in cheating in sports as long as you dont get caught? what kind of message does this teach people and kids who are sports fans a view that sports relate to many life experiences and lessons. does this mean that kids are going to think its ok to cheat on a test as long as they dont get caught? i think the standard for baseball and sports in general need to be higher so that they can set good examples for the youth of America.

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