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Voters Disapprove of Cuomo’s Shutdown of Anticorruption Panel, Poll Shows

This article discusses how voters across New York State overwhelmingly disagree with Governor Cumo's decisions to shutdown the panel that he appointed to investigate corruption in the state government. 61% of people polled sided with the view that the commission should have been able to continue its investigatory work. This is compared to the 23% that agreed with the governor's decision. More than 8 out of 10 voters in poll felt that corruption in the government was a serious enough issue to warrant having the commission. The ethically dilema in this article is that most people feel government corruption is a serious issue but the government itself controls the commission that investigates the fact of whether there is corruption or not. It is difficult for the average citizen to understand why, if there was a serious enough issue to begin with that a commission was formed to investigate. That why now that same commission was disbanded?

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