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HEAT rises on health care fraud

In today’s world many people have no idea what they want to be in life. There is however a booming market most people are not aware of. This is the market of health care fraud. Especially for attorneys who specialize in health care fraud. This is because the feds are turbo- charging investigation efforts. This effort is being termed “bringing the HEAT, an acronym that stands for the “Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Team.” This unit was created in 2009 to hunt down providers, hospitals, and other groups abusing Medicare and Medicaid claims. Although it may seem there is an increase in fraud, it is actually the result of more enforcement. The fraud they are currently stopping has always been happening. There are several proven cases recently where investigative efforts have flagged some bad actors. Courts are becoming less cut and dry and forcing prosecutors to become more aggressive in their cases. Forcing them to find new ways to purse FCA changes. With these factors becoming stronger it is impacting the patients more and more. First off it will cause the patient to think a lot more before trying to commit this fraud. Unless that person is blatantly trying to be a criminal and abuse the system. It will also affect the patient because hospitals will not tolerate people who are acting out problems because if they happen to treat them they will be in trouble. So the way people are treated in hospitals is becoming more by the book.

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