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Cuomo is going to go!!

In recent months the governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo, has found himself struggling to keep the peoples support in N.Y. Cuomo is up for reelections come November and it looks like he may have lost many of his votes to another man running for the position. This is due to many factors such as the NYSAFE act, and what this article talks about his decision to get rid of the Moreland Commission an anti corruption group developed months ago by Andrew Cuomo. This group was put together to get rid of the corruption in Albany and help politics become more efficient. The article gives all sorts of statistics on how the people of NY feel that Cuomo has not made the right decision to close the anti corruption panel. Though it has not shown to majorly affect how they vote come the fall. It looks like it will be a close race in the fall only time will tell.

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