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Poker pro Phil Ivey accused of cheating by Atlantic City casino

Phil Ivey was accused of cheating in an atlantic city casino called borgata. He was playing baccarat and was accused of "edge sorting" which is a method of cheating whereby the player attemptsto view theimperfections in the prints on the cards so that when the cards are dealt, he or she knows what the card is before it is turned up. Ivey was reportedly betting up to $100,000 per hand and winning big. The casino suspected him of cheating and as a result withheld over $12 million of his winnings. Currently Ivey has initiated a lawsuit against the casino in efforts to be paid his winnings. Edge sorting is currently not illegal but i dont think that he should be paid having prior knowledge of the cards before they were dealt. It is believed that he might win the case because what he did is technically not illegal. This is not okay in my opinion

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