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Lowe's to pay $500,000 in EPA lead paint settlement

This article was written on April 22, 2014 by Julia Edwards of  Lowe's Home Center, the number 2 U.S. home improvement retail chain, has agreed to pay a $500,000 penalty for violating federal rules governing lead paint exosure.

An EPA investigation, the US Environmental Protection Agency, found out that Lowe's had failed to provide proof that contractors they hired were certified by the agency or have had experience using lead test kits for the paint used at their sites.  

Lead pain has been banned in the US since 1978 because of the health problems it causes.  These health problems can range from behavioral disorders and seizures to learning disabilities and even death.  Lead paint, however, can still be found in older buildings that still stand today.  

There currently has been no reports of lead-based paint health issues associated with projects compiled by lowe's contractors.  On top of agreeing to pay the large fine, Lowe's had also agreed to implement a new compliance program at more than 1,700 stores nationwide.  

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