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Blame the system, not teachers, for any 'cheating'

With todays educational system, teachers are under more and more pressure to educate students on what the State decides that year to put on the exams. The teachers are forced to teach the material at a certain speed whether the students excel or fail and have to only teach what they believe will be on the test. This is a double negative because those students who excel at the subjects being taught at that grade level are forced to be held back instead of allowing them to continue learning. Also, those students who aren't as successful in the classroom are forced to learn at a higher pace and must learn the material well enough to pass other wise the teacher is given a bad grade herself for not teaching the student. This kind of system does not work well with the kind of society we have. Most kids today find any way to avoid doing school work and this is coming back on the teachers in a negative way even though they are teaching the students the material. I believe that the system should not be ridiculing the teachers for their effort just because some students aren't as studious as others.

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