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Hewlett-Packard pays $108 million to settle foreign bribery probes

Bribery is as old as time itself. HP the company leading the world in sales of computers was just found guilty for bribing various officials to choose contracts with them instead of other companies. It was recently brought to light that that HP bribed a high ranking Russian official to sign a 100 million dollar contract for the Office of the Prosecutor General. They may have been able to get away with it due to how careful they were to cover their tracks by using covert meetings, two sets of accounting books, burn phones and anonymous email accounts. however Hewlett-Packard shot themselves in the foot when the secured the contract by buying the computers currently in use by the office at inflated prices to create not so secret slush fund for certain Russian officials to use on anything they wished.

It truly does bother me to see companies selling their integrity just to make money. HP isn’t a 3rd world country company who can use the excuse of ignorance of the law. Their sin eventually found them out and as a result they are paying 108 million dollars to guess who? That’s right everyone who they already bribed to give them the contract in the first place. The entire situation is so riddled with greed and shady dealings it’s disgusting. I don’t know what the solution to the problem is except to teach future generations of leaders the value of honesty and hard work.

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~William Shakespeare

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