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Poker pro Phil Ivey accused of cheating by Atlantic City casino

Phil Ivey calls himself "the greatest poker player of all time," but a casino in Atlantic City has accused him of being something else: a cheat. In a lawsuit, the Borgata claims Ivey pocketed more than $9.6 million by cheating at baccarat. When he visited the Borgata in 2012, he requested a private pit, a particular set of playing cards and an automatic shuffler. The casino claims in court documents that Ivey and a female accomplice studied the edges of the playing cards for tell-tale imperfections. It's a tactic called edge-sorting. "By itself, there's nothing inherently wrong with edge sorting," gaming consultant Eliot Jacobson said. "The question is what else did he do? Did he involve the dealers in some sort of collusion? Did he work out some sort of deal with the card manufacturer?" Borgata officials finally caught on after Ivey's fourth visit, when they learned he had been accused of edge sorting by the London casino Crockfords, which withheld more than $12 million of his winnings just two months earlier.

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