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Blame the system, not teachers, for any 'cheating'

Research done by the Association of Teachers and Lectures has revealed that many teachers have been “cheating” by teaching to the test. Changing their lesson plans to make sure they hit targets. This is suspected to be because Britain’s students are over tested, putting more stress on the teachers to have their students perform well. These expectations cause the teachers to cut corners just like their students would. But the teachers should not be to blame it is the great expectations for the students to perform well regardless of their academic standing. The student’s results determine what kind of university they can get into once they graduate. Students must get A’s or above to get into a decent university, which will get them a good job once they graduate from that university. I think that it is unethical of the teachers to cheat by teaching to the test. This unethical behavior could be changed by lessening the load on the teachers so that they can teach properly.

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