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Air force officers caught Cheating on tests

Recently an article came out exposing that roughly 96 officers at the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana had been caught cheating on monthly tests.  These officers feared that they would lose their job if they did not receive a 100 on each of the monthly tests. To make sure they got a 100 they enlisted the help from four officers who used smart phones to distribute the information.  The officers feared losing their jobs from low test scores however cheating is a guaranteed way to lose your job or be punished.   These tests are put in place because there is always room for human error in systems like this.  The officers taking them are in charge of launching Nuclear Missiles there is little room for errors in this type of environment where literally thousands of lives are on the line. . These missiles are capable of launching within 4 minutes of receiving launch orders from the president.  So it is important that the officers are well trained and ready to launch if the need arises.  Cheating on tests in order to get a 100 every time does not show what the officers need help with.   The higher ups think that the system is fine and they do not need to do training for the officers that are scoring 100’s when in reality they may score much lower without cheating. 



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