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Computer-hacker displays inefficiency in University of Maryland's databases

David Helkowski, a former contractor working for the college, says he hacked into the system to prove that the problem was serious. Otherwise, they wouldn't have believed him. Apparently, he was able to access hundreds of students and employees' GPA's, social security numbers and contact information as well as President Wallace Loh. After being linked to the breach, David's home was searched by FBI. He was currently working at Canton Group but was let go after they heard about the FBI raid.

Was David's action justifiable? I mean, sure he needed to prove a point and apparently it wasn't working any other way, but did he really need to hack into their system so drastically? I know a lot of geniuses or enthusiastically experimental people sometimes like to prove their capabilities but I think he went a little far. With social security number out there, someone's identity could have been stolen! I know he believe this was the only way but I think he could have found another.

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