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In Search of an Algorithm to Uncover Wrongful Convictions

Sreedevi Nair is a Frontier Fellow at Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) who is in search of quantitative patterns to better understand how criminal convictions are overturned. It is Nair's mission to find a way to use mathematical calculations as opposed to human error to eliminate the possibility of wrongful convictions from ever occuring. Nair states, "The perfect end result would be creating an algorithm that would allow a lawyer, or anyone in the legal system, to calculate a probability that tells whether a particular case will be overturned or not." According to IGE President and CEO Anthony J. Gray, "Sreedevi is an enormously impressive young woman engaged in cutting-edge research. Being the respected lawyer that Ms. Nair is, it is interesting to see what her research reveals and if her ultimate goal is achieved. If her findings are successful, Sreedevi Nair could possibly be known as the person who changed the face of the American Justice System in its entirety.


By: Michael Hajec

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