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Lawmakers accuse GM of possible criminal cover-up

GM has been recently question about a faulty ignition switch that has caused 13 deaths and dozens of accidents. the faulty switch puts the car from run position into accessory position which causes the engine to shut off, disabling power steering, power brakes and the front air bags. the problem was fixed and GM approved a replacement switch but failed to change the number making the part harder to track and leaves questions to why earlier switches were failing at a higher rate than later ones. this main issue of not changing the part number is said to be believed to be intentionally by a person or group with in the company. GM CEO has said that the company has not fired any employees in connection with recall. GM has stated that the car is still safe to drive and the CEO has said that she would allow her son to drive the same cart to further prove her confidence that the car is safe even though people have died and gotten into accidents. GM has done tests that showed that ignition key would not fail along as there was nothing else attached to the key.

there are many ethical questions that arise from reading this article. is it right for the CEO to claim that she would let her own child to drive the faulty car when 13 people have died driving it just to save the face of the company. also is it ok for GM to put out a statement that the cars are still safe to drive even though there has been many reported accidents, and stated that as long as there's nothing attached to the key it should still be safe. if it were me i would not leave my fate in the hands of GM after allowing a faulty part to come out of the factory as well as not changing the part number of the newly manufactured parts.

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