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Lawmakers accuse GM of possible criminal cover-up


WASHINGTON — Lawmakers have accused General Motors of criminally "Covering up" a very dangerous manufacturing defect in their ignition switches. Apparently these ignition switches were known to have flaws for almost a decade and gm did not recall them for those ten years. The bad ignition switches are still being used in their unsafe condition in over 2.6 million cars. Gm has admitted that this issue has been linked to 13 deaths and dozens of other accidents. The issue with the ignition switch is the weight hanging from the keychain which if heavy enough can actually cause the switch to rotate from run to accessory. if this happens while driving, the driver will lose power steering, power breaks, as well as the front air bags. So the car basically becomes an uncontrollabe deathtrap. Gm knew about this problem for over 10 years and did nothing to remedy the situation. As a result, some of the hi8gher ups in the company may soon face criminal charges.

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