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What the Air Force can learn from the nuclear cheating scandal

Befor they go on duty with U.S. nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles, officers are trained in classrooms and simulators. They are schooled in weapons systems, missile code handling and emergency war orders, among other things. In order to determine their abitlities in these area they are given monthly tests that they must pass. to pass a score of 90 percent of higher is required. Recently an investigation found that four officers were distributing answers to these montly tests through their smartphones. From the investigation it was found that 79 officers had in fact recieved these answers and cheated on their tests. It was brought up that the intesnse pressure the officers were under to be errorless in their work created the intent to cheat. Even though they could pass with 90 percent the feared their careers would be in jepordy if they did not achieve a 100. This being said it is still not right to cheat on an exam that is this important. If someone is responsible for a Nuclear weapon they should not have to cheat on tests, they should be able to pass without being given the answers or they should not be there. This implies the Air Force should be focused on training officers with integrity and respct to the proceedures they need to perform, and not people who are good at using their smartphones.

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