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Lawmakers accuse GM of possible criminal cover-up

This article was written by the Associated Press on April 2, 2014.  In Washington DC, Lawmakers on capital Hill accused Gener Motors of a potentially criminal cover-up involving their defective ignition systems on GM vehicles from the year 2003 to 2011.  GM's defetive ignition have costed the lives of 13 people and dozens of other injuries.  

During a Senate Commerce Committee hearing, senator Barbara Boxer questions General Motors CEO Mary barra about the decision the company made to change their mind about recalling their GM vehicles to be fixed.  The Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation of GM's handling of the recall and determining whether or not they are committing a criminal liability.  

The investigation involves GM deciding it would be more cost effective to pay off the families victims of the fatalities rather than spending money to have the ignitions replaced.  

This investigation really makes you wonder whether companies like GM are honestly putting safety and concern first with their customers.  

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