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How can universities stop students cheating online?

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Online courses have been facing large amounts of cheating since the first online course was created.  The article at hand discussed how students have been relying on others to take online courses for them.  A new strategy to online courses would eliminate the possibility of this form of cheating.  Some colleges are now researching into the idea where online courses will use certain software to study and judge your typing speed on the keyboards.  Other online courses are trying to require students to take a webcam photo and have an identification number in order to receive full credit for the online course.  This seems to be a little extreme, but it is meant to limit the amount of cheating at the college level.

Some may say that the point of online courses is that it is a more relaxed version of class where I can sit I my pajamas and not have to go to class as well as worry about harsh cheating penalties.  The problem is online classes still need to be held up to certain standards.  The object is for the student to work hard and learn something rather than someone else taking the course for them.  In the end even with enhanced watch and new forms of preventing a person from taking a course for another, students will still find a way to cheat.  It is just in each and every students DNA whether they may admit it or not.      

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