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Television pitchman Kevin headed to prison!

Apparently, since the age of 25, Kevin has been wrongfully misleading and lying to consumers about his various "secrets". These secrets include how to lose weight, get free money, and cure a number of illnesses. In court, the U.S. Court District Judge Ronald Guzman gave him a "tongue-lashing" prior to his sentence, claiming he has told lies and cheated for his personal gain. He has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

Honestly, that sentence came as a bit of a shock for me. I know his methods were obviously wrong and apparently illegal, but I have always viewed infomercials and television "pitchman" as that - dishonest. I never once have watched those weight loss commercials and actually thought - yeah, it would really work that way! I always just think - who would be the idiot to buy that?! Obviously the court knows and understands the ramifications and details behind his whole story and I have no doubt they acted justly, but I was still surprised that that is the sentence. I think it is important for consumers to always be wary when it comes to buying any product but more specifically an infomercial product.



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