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Google Glass

What is Google Glass? This is a fairly new technology, which essentially represents a pair of eye glasses powered by android operating system. Attached to the frame is a camera which can record videos and take pictures by simply saying, “Glass, take a picture” or “Glass, record a video,” and the camera will start shooting. Now, even though there the glasses have not come out just yet, a large number of individuals have been complaining about this device already. According to the a study form the market research firm Toluna, “Google Glass is not yet available on the open market, although it is clear that a high proportion of individuals have concerns about the potential impact on their privacy,” said Mark Simon, Toluna’s North American managing director. A large number of people are skeptical about this new device and what it can do. Since there are no obvious signs when someone is recording you, the issue of privacy and safety is raised. As a result, a study shows that 72% of the Americans said that they will not wear Google Glass because of privacy worries.



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