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Digital Ad Fraud

We live in a society where digital advertisement fraud is rampant. You may not realize it but every time you go online to check your facebook or browse amazon looking for a certain item an advertiser is getting paid for you seeing/or clicking on their ad. As you can imagine tech experts have discovered techniques to artificially produce the "views" using bots that essentially act like a normal web user. As a result many advertisers are getting paid for a view that never occurred. More often than not ads will be inserted into a website and the designer may be completely unaware. Bottom line the advertisers make money no matter what. Sadly very few people will do anything about it due to the expense and difficulty of hunting down the culprits. Harvard professor and ad-fraud researcher Ben Edelman when referring to companies unwilling to do anything about it stated "I don't know if they have the wherewithal, the backbone, the legal enforcement, the lawyers frankly, to go and hound each other until they're all honoring their respective promises to each other," I personally believe that every company should be responsible for their own website and should be held accountable for any illegal activity happening on it. Accountability starts somewhere why not with the site that hosts it?

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