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Ohio Education Officials Say State Has Safeguards Against Widespread Cheating on Standardized Tests

The one thing that all students fear in school is the standardized tests that can either hold them back or let them go onto the next grade. General most schools do fine with that, but the problem is that they don’t do it legally. Some school districts are starting to cheat by gathering up the problem children who might not pass and “help” them along with their test. This breaks all the codes and ethics that go along with the tests and as a teacher. If a student can’t pass on their own they might need to hold back so they can learn what they need to.

The article goes on to say that a Atlanta and Pennsylvania school district have already gotten in trouble for falsifying test and changing students answers’ without them knowing. Many companies have been trying to stop this but looking at eraser marks. They are also monitoring what test books go out to whom. In the end the teachers will most likely find a way to make sure that their student passes either ethically or unethically. Cheating won’t help you out in the future.


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