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Feds Open Criminal Probe Into General Motors Over Recall

In this article, it is discussed that General Motors is under investigation to determine whether or not the company was aware of the ingition switch defect.  "At least 13 people have died in accidents linked to the ignition-switch defect. CBS News' reporting showed GM was aware of the problem years before the recall. On Tuesday, a congressional committee opened an investigation." The article speaks about one specific individual because not only did the individual experience the defect, but the individual also brought the vehicle into GM to be fixed, which it was not.  The individual was Brooke Melton and she told GM the problem when she brought it in, but the work done on the vehicle did not fix the defect. "When Brooke Melton took her car to a GM dealership, the service report, which CBS News obtained, said "Customer states engine shut off while driving, please check."  The day after GM returned the vehicle to Brooke Melton, the ignition defect malfunctioned while driving causing her to crash and pass away even though she had her seatbelt on.  The ignition switch defect caused a car to have no power steering, no power brakes, and the seat belts and airbags to not work. "Lance Cooper, who represents the Meltons, says he believes the recall would not have happened if the family had not sued."  Lance Cooper states that it was important for the Melton family to have sued so that other individuals were not critically effected by the ignition switch defect.

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