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China's fight to end corruption creates new problem.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is fearful that the corruption in the government is making the communist party look bad.  He has made cutting corruption his top priority.  The Shuanggui, the nation’s secret disciplinary system is in charge if ridding the system of corruption.  This has created another problem however.  This group used prison sentences and torture to get the accused government officials to confess to being corrupt.  Zhou Wangyen was an official at the land resources bureau; he was accused of taking about $16,000 USD in bribes.  Zhou was taken to a hotel and later a detention center to be tortured.  He was deprived of sleep, given little food, and beaten.  He was beaten so badly that his femur was broken in 3 places.  Zhou finally broke and admitted to taking $6,600 in bribes.  He was released in January 2013 and went to the authorities but they were unable to help him.  To this day a year after his release, Zhou still uses crutched to move around.   

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